Drilling chemicals

Clay control agent/Shale stabilizer PT CS-13

PT CS-13 is a combination chemistry designed to stabilize reactive clay and shale when drilled with water-based drilling fluids or stimulated with fluids that may induce clay swelling. The product was designed primarily to be used as a potassium chloride (KCl) brine substitute and has a proven track record of successful use providing outstanding performance and onsite savings over brine salts. Stabilizer will not affect permeability as many clay treatments and is compatible with polymers and lubricants required for speedy drilling and lowered friction coefficients. The product is extremely effective at low concentrations and can be added readily to the system without shear.


– Broad spectrum use includes KCl substitute, acidizing, fracturing, drilling, and aqueous flushing fluids
– Compatible with most fluid systems and lubrication or friction reduction chemistries, as well as brine and solids intrusion during drill outs
– Performs well over a wide pH range and is soluble in all types of aqueous solutions
– Thermally stable downhole (>200°C) in drilling & completion environments.