Drilling chemicals

Defoamer PT DEF

PT DEF (Defoaming agent)

PT DEF formulated to control foaming in viscous brine systems or drilling fluids containing freshwater or seawater.  The product reduces the foaming tendencies of water-base muds. It is applicable and compatible with freshwater muds, seawater muds, brine systems and all common mud additives. It has proved to be especially effective in seawater muds and saturated saltwater muds. Defoamer can be mixed easily and is effective in low concentrations: Normal treatments range from 0.15 to 0.40 kg/m3. When used as a pretreatment, prevents foam from developing.


– It reduces torque & drag
– It will not adversely affect rheology or gel strength
– It is easily miscible in water base muds and works in all fresh water or salt water muds
– Stable at high circulation temperatures and does not undergo chemical degradation
– Dispersible in water based muds and high compatibility with most additives