Drilling chemicals

Xanthan gum PT BPol-18

Xanthan gum is a clarified, high-purity, high-performance xanthan gum that can be used in most types of water-based fluids where clarity of the solution is critical. A high-performance powder Xanthan provides excellent carrying and suspending characteristics. It is compatible with most mud additives commonly used in water-based fluids for rheology control.

Xanthan has excellent shear thinning properties that promote thinning of the fluid at high velocities and thickening of the fluid at low velocity. It performs effectively over a wide range of pHs in fresh water, salt water and various brine-based work over and completion fluids.


– Excellent viscosifier – requires less material than other xanthan’ s
– Excellent suspension characteristics and rheology control
– Produces shear thinning fluid for optimum penetration rates
– Performs well in fresh water, seawater, brine and saturated salt environments
– Minimizes formation damage
– Helps maintain the integrity of cuttings
– Reduces circulating pressure losses
– Effective friction reducer in coil tubing applicationsv