Non-emulsifier PT NE-13 Clay stabilizer PT CS-13

PT CS-13 is a new generation of clay stabilizers.

Features and Benefits:

— Immediately and permanently connected to the clay in contact
— Effectively prevents swelling clays
— Stabilizes small particles
— Do not block the rocks with a permeability order micro Darcy
— More efficient than the existing analogs

PT NE-13 is a mixture of nonionic surfactants, which have been specifically designed to prevent the occurrence of emulsions formed in the process of fracturing. Being nonionic, PT NE-13 also leaves the rock wetted with water. PT NE-13, thereby increasing the flow of oil.

Features and Benefits:

— Excellent non-emulsifying
— Low interfacial tension with oil
— Nonionic surfactants
— Leaves a rock wetted with water

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