Fracturing Gelling agent

PT GS-7000 is the guar gum suspended in an environmental mineral oil.
PT WG-7000F is the fast hydrating guar gum powder.

The product viscosity obtains the following values after 3-minute hydration: PT WG-7000F & PT GS-7000 – min 85% and reaches recommended maximum in 13 minutes.

PT WG-7000F & PT GS-7000 are pure guar gum, they do not contain any pH buffers that provides better retained conductivity after hydraulic fracturing and gives freedom of choice to a service company while working with additional chemical reagents.

Both products are perfectly cross-linked by borate cross-linkers. After crosslinking the gel can transport high proppant concentration. Cross-linked gel provide optimal viscosity for excellent transfer of proppant at temperatures from 40°F to 260°F.

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Gelling agent technical data sheet


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