Breakers & Activators

PT OBP – breakers reduce viscosity of hydraulic fracturing liquids. At the heart of PT OBP-breakers functioning is a soft oxidation of a polymer chain; reacting with carbon atoms it destroys the polymer and by that reduces the viscosity. The effective concentration level of PT OBP-breakers group at the level of mg/m3, the rest of the breaker is necessary for cleaning of the fracture.

PT OBP-A series are highly effective activator of the PT OBP breakers. PT OBP-A starts to work with some delay without changing rheological properties of a liquid sufficient for carrying out of frac job. PT OBP-A reduces a temperature range of work of oxidizing PT OBP breakers on 5–30°F (10–20°С) by means of formation of an intermediate complex with an oxidizer.

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