Field & Oil transport chemicals

Paraffin inhibitor PT NPI-130

The inhibitor is dissolved directly in the oil phase or the water contact -inhibitor oil. Hydrophobic (alkane) surfactant blocks embedded in paraffin at the last phase transition in solid state and co-crystallizing with them hydrophilic surfactant blocks guided by interfacial water , the walls of the equipment. Polar anionic and cationic surfactants group affect the nucleation and growth of crystals. The surfactant components of the reagent, entering into contact with particles of asphaltenes, paraffin, resins act as peptizing agents and form a stable colloidal dispersion. Supports the precipitation inhibitor in a finely divided state , moving with the flow of production wells. At the same time provides the washing off of the resulting embryos from the walls of the equipment.

Features of the application:

Maximum efficiency is achieved when introducing the inhibitor into the formation fluid at a temperature above the melting most refractory components. It is necessary for the subsequent cocrystallization.

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