Field & Oil transport chemicals

Recovery additive PT CBT-4

PT CBT-4 based on the following:

— Comprehensive breakdown of the mineral component and inhibition of its formation. This process occurs due to the presence in the reagent systems that contribute to the destruction of the surface layers , subsequent wedging mineral structure and facilitate its dissolution.

— Included in the oxidants can destroy organic deposits.

— The surfactant composition, part of the reagent modifies the surface tension. These surfactants have a high activity, is much greater than its natural compound and facilitate demulsification . Effect of demulsifier in the process of dehydration and desalting is the destruction of booking the lining that surrounds the droplet formation water and prevent its re- education around the droplets.

— Dissolution and inhibition of asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits. The formulation of the product include special agents dissolving the layer of paraffin . A special purpose additives which reduce the adhesion of these compounds can greatly slow down the further deposition.

Concentration – 1–10 kg/tn.

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