Field & Oil transport chemicals

Scale inhibitor PT NSI-135

The scaling prevention with the use of chemical agents – inhibitors is the most effective and practically feasible way of all the known ways of scaling control for today. The inhibitor action is based on the block of crystal phase formation in a solution. The unique product composition allows blocking selectively the main types of graining nucleus that is caused by their adsorption on a surface of growing crystals of mineral salts.

Being integrated to a surface of crystal nucleus, the complex compounds contained in the product composition transform the regular structure of nucleus into the structure more stable thermodynamically and closer to the form of spheric micell at the expense of big molecular moment. Thereby the further growth of a crystal is completely excluded. The formation of new type structures is confirmed by researches of the electron microscopy method, thus it is established that the size of new textural features does not exceed 20 Å.

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