Nika тАФ Catalog тАФ Sketch-13Nika PetroTech is committed to quality throughout all aspects of it’s business. Nika PetroTech upper management not only includes ownership of the business, but ownership of quality and all other aspects of customer service.

As per API guidelines, we stores samples of proppant from every lot for a period of 12 months and data from testing is stored indefinitely.

The following tests are conducted on every metric tonn to ensure consistent quality:
—  Specific gravity and bulk density
—  Sieve analysis
—  Crush test at 7,500 psi or 10,000 psi as appropriate for the mesh size
—  Roundness and sphericity

Nika PetroTech runs the appropriate full API tests for every lot (which is 50 000 tn/mon in Russia). This full test includes all of the above (with 5,000, 7,500 and 10,000 psi crush tests).

In addition, the following is also run:
—  Acid solubility

Every month Nika PetroTech tests each mesh size for:
—  Conductivity and Permeability

Laboratory research has Nika PetroTech  conformity assessment accreditation body – a system of accreditation of analytical laboratories (centers), the CAAL. The test procedures are fully consistent with ISO 13503-2 and metrological certified in the prescribed manner.

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Buying proppant from Nika PetroTech , you get 15% more proppant at the same price and equal quality. This is due to the proppant bulk weight difference.

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Hydraulic fracturing operation pumping 100 tons of proppant

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